Abreu Day-to-Day With Sprained Toe

It looks like Bobby Abreu’s quest for his first homer of the season will have to wait a few more days as he is expected to be sidelined with a sprained toe, but the X-Rays were normal, indicating the injury is not serious.

Abreu misses a catch

The Angel “slugger” injured the toe in Wednesday night’s game.  The injury comes at a bad time for the Angels who just got shutout for the secong time in four games and are still at least a few days away from the return of Vladimir Guerrero.  Gary Matthews and Juan Rivera are most likely to see additional playing time while Abreu heals up, but there is little doubt that Mike Scioscia will find a way to use this as an opportunity to play Maicer Izturis more, likely batting him in the three-hole no matter how illogical that strategy proves to be.

Garrett Wilson

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