ALCS Game 6 Countdown: Stay Alive – Angels @ Yankees

This couldn’t be more simple, all the Angels need to do today is stay alive in the ALCS.  No messages, no agendas, no other goals.  Just win or go home.

Stay Alive

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim @ New York Yankees (Yankees Lead 3-2)

Starters: LAA – Joe Saunders  NYY – Andy Pettitte

Game Info: 4:57 PM PT TV-Fox, Radio-ESPN Radio, KLAA 830 AM, KFWB, KWKW 1330 AM

THREE Questions:

  • Can the Angels actually win in Yankee Stadium in the cold weather?
  • As the pressure mounts, both manager’s decision making seems to get shakier and shakier, making a series-defining managerial mistake almost unavoidable in this game.  Which head coach will end up making the bad decision that costs his team the contest?
  • Will Joe Saunders be able to repeat his performance from Game 2 with the added pressure of it being an elimination game?

TWO Predictions:

  • This is the game where Chone Figgins comes alive.  I am expecting at least three hits, two runs and a steal from the Halo’s top sparkplug.
  • Pressure starts to get to the Yankees and it is them that has the uncannily sloppy fielding that costs them this game.

ONE Wish:

  • I wish for just one well-umpired game this series.  Too much is on the line right now for more lousy calls to potentially affect the outcome of such a crucial game.

ZERO Tolerance for… more bullpen meltdowns.  The Angels bullpen has blown three saves already in this series and that simply cannot stand.  Scioscia and Butcher need to figure something out in a hurry so that the team can protect lead if they are lucky enough to get one.

Leave your own questions, answers, predictions or wishes as a comment or just hang out with us during the game or even chat with us on twitter (@MonkeyWithAHalo).

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