Angelic Links – 4/21/09

  • Bill Plunkett tries to pinpoint where the Angels bullpen is going wrong.  I’ll save him the time, half of the bullpen is composed of guys who aren’t ready for the bigs.
  • At least one of the relievers seems to have a legit excuse for his early struggles.  Kevin Jepsen is apparently having back problems.  Great, sounds like ANOTHER Angel pitcher will be headed to the DL.  I tell you, the RC Quakes are going to kick ass when all those guys go out for their rehab assignments.
  • Yet another bullpen excuse, Scot Shields had a mechanics issue but claims to have fixed it.  This shouldn’t be news to anyone, much less Shields.  Every time he goes awry it is because his shoulder is flying open, unfortunately it usually costs the Angels a game or two before he realizes it.
  • Puff piece alert!  Everyone loves Bobby Abreu.  I will love him too once he starts showing some pop.
  • Ken Rosenthal has some ideas for cheap bullpen additions the Angels can make to replace the collection of Triple-A arms they are currently relying on (scroll way down to the Around the Horn section).  One idea is former Angel Darren O’Day, a nice idea since he could be the designated groundball specialist that Scioscia wants Bulger to be (you know, rather than the homer specialist he has turned out to be).
  • Steve Bisheff continues to be the voice of doom, presenting a collection of cherry-picked facts meant to depress Angel fans.  Gee, Steve, there are still 150 games left, isn’t it a little early to quit on the season?
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