Angelic Links – 4/22/09

  • An interesting evaluation of Mike Scioscia’s line-up chicanery.
  • From the “I hate being right” department: The Angels are already starting to spin about Vlad’s uncertain return date.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  There is a possibility Vlad may have played his last game as an Angel.  This story only supports my case.
  • Speculation is that Matt Palmer is being slated to start Thursday for the Halos.  Palmer was scratched from his latest Triple-A start, so it makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense is calling up a guy with an ERA over 11.00 this year.
  • Steve Bisheff remains upset.  This time for good reason, the Angels called up Brandon Wood but are acting like he isn’t going to play very much.  Great, more Maicer in the three-hole, shoot me now.
  • Just because people are talking about it for some reason, Torii Hunter is interested in playing for the Twins after his contract is up, but is starting to downplay that interest.  I really don’t see why this is even a story.  Of course he wants to head back to where his career began; it is only natural.  However, seeing how he will be 37 years old by then, I can’t imagine the Twins having a ton of interest.
  • The Angels press honk says that the team is not looking outside the organization for pitching help.  But Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times reports otherwise.  Personally, I don’t think the Angels will bring anyone in unless Lackey, Santana or Escobar has a significant rehab set back.  At this point it will take too long for a newly signed veteran to get up to speed for him to be useful since Lackey and Santana should head out on rehab assignments soon.  Now, why they didn’t start looking weeks ago, I don’t know.
  • Wood is ready to play, but is Scioscia ready for him?
  • ESPN’s Howard Bryant singles out the Angels’ 2002 World Series as the quintessential steroid-era champion.  Hey, Howard, bite me.  What good does rehashing any of this do?  You really think that Angels team didn’t beat other teams with just as many PED users?  For the love of all that is good, the Angels beat Barry “Steroid Poster Boy” Bonds!!!
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