Angels Recall Wood, Jepsen to the DL

Finally the Angels have seen the light!

Super prospect Brandon Wood is at long last joining the big league roster.  After a torrid spring training and fast start to the Triple-A season, the Halos could no longer resist (though they sure tried) promoting Wood.  How he will be used remains to be seen.

Logic would dictate that Wood be slotted in as the DH, or at third with Figgins DHing, in order to get some much needed thump in the line-up in the wake of Vladi’s chest injury.  However, Mike Scioscia sure seems awful fond of batting Maicer Izturis third, so only time will tell if Wood will actually get any playing time or just collect ass splinters.  By all rights, this should be Wood’s big chance to show that he is ready for the majors, provided Scioscia gives him a fair look.

To make room for Wood, the Angels sent Kevin Jepsen, who had been stuggling with sucking a bad back, to the 15-day disabled list.  That leaves the Angels with 12 pitchers, but only four starters, on the active roster for now, so sooner or later another roster move should be coming, likely by Saturday when the Angels will need a replacement for Dustin Moseley in the rotation.  Hopefully it won’t be Wood.

Garrett Wilson

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