BREAKING NEWS: Escobar is Bullpen Bound

The Angels just announced that Kelvim Escobar, who recently returned to the rotation, is now headed back to the bullpen, where I think he rightfully belongs.  Although Esco pitched decently well in his lone start, apparently his surgically repaired should did not respond well in the days after.

Kelvim Escobar

I hate to say I told you so…

Wait, no I don’t, the Angels never should have put Escobar back in the starting rotation.  Not only was it a bad idea for his health, but it was a move that didn’t even help the Angels that much.  Having Escobar pitch in relief is a much better use of his abilities and fills a much bigger need for the Halos.  Kelvim has succeeded in the bullpen before and with the Angels relief corps one blown save shy of being declared a natural disaster zone by Governor Schwarzenegger, he is an ideal addition (as I said weeks ago).  With Arredondo demoted and Shields injured, it could well be Escobar is the answer they have been seeking in the set-up.  Of course, that assumes that Escobar’s arm can even handle relieving.

Replacing Escobar will be the man that Escobar never should have booted from the rotation in the first place, Matt Palmer.  Hopefully Palmer can recapture his magic after spending the last two weeks sitting on his ass in the bullpen not pitching.

Garrett Wilson

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