BREAKING NEWS: Game 6 Rained Out, Angel Fans Secretly Rejoice

It’s official, Game 6 is off for Saturday and will be re-scheduled for Sunday at 5:20 pm PT.  If a Game 7 is necessary (and we all hope that it is) it will be played on Monday at 4:57 pm PT.  While I am sure many fans wanted to see a game tonight, many more realize that postponement plays right into the Angels hands.  Excellent!

Mr. Burns Excellent

Excellent, Smithers.  Now the Angels can better set-up their pitching, exactly as I planned.

Games 1 and 2 were plagued by cold and sloppy weather that many feel hindered the Angels abilities and partially led to them dropping both of those games.  Now the Angels avoid a similar fate by not having to play Game 6 in rainy conditions.  The weather for tomorrow will certainly be chilly, but no rain is expected.  But this isn’t just good news for the Angels in Game 6 but in a potential Game 7 as well.

One of the big questions facing the Angels should the force a seventh game is who will they start.  Neither Jered Weaver nor Scott Kazmir performed well in their earlier ALCS starts, so the Angels were going to have to chose from the lesser of two evils.  Not anymore though.  The extra day off gives Mike Scioscia the option to start John Lackey on three days rest.  That would certainly be a gamble, but a calculated one that is worth the risk, especially after his strong Game 5 performance.

But the Angels will have to take care of business in Game 6 tomorrow first.  So just hold back your anticipation for another 24 hours before the wildness kicks off as there is little doubt the Halos and Yanks are in for another nail-biter.

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