BREAKING NEWS: Scioscia Wins Manager of the Year (Duh)

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America proved today that for one year at least they aren’t morons by voting Mike Scioscia the American League Manager of the Year.

Mike Sciosia is #1

That’s right, Mike. You are #1!!!

Scioscia received 15 of the 28 first-place votes in one of the all-time no-brainer votes for the MoY award, which actually kind of begs the question why he didn’t get more votes, but let’s not dwell on that.  Let’s focus on how amazing a season Sosh had with this club that suffered a ridiculous slew of injuries and, worst of all, the untimely early-season death of Nick Adenhart.  Yet Scioscia managed to motivate his roster through all those hardships in a year where many experts predicted the Halos would take large step back to not only win the improved AL West but to defeat the Red Sox in the ALDS before losing to Yankees in the ALCS.

I just hope that his award serves as a stark reminder to the contingent of Angel fans who have become a bit disenchanted with Scioscia over the last few years because he has been unable to deliver another World Series appearance.  Look, he has taken a franchise that had historically accomplished pretty much nothing and brought them to the playoffs six times in his ten-year managerial stint.  By the way, no other manager has ever done that in their first ten years as a manager.  So next year if the Angels fail to win it all or even if they fail to make the playoffs at all, just remember what he did this year because no other manager working today could have pulled off what Scioscia did.  In my book, Sosh is THE BEST manager in baseball until proven otherwise and while he may not be perfect, this award is just a well-deserved reminder of how lucky the Angels are to have Scioscia.

Garrett Wilson

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