Discussion: Is Scioscia Smart or Just Lucky?

The Fox announcers questioned several of Mike Scioscia’s decisions in Game 3 of the ALCS, but despite their second-guessing all of Scioscia’s calls worked out just fine.  But was did the Angels win because of Sosh’s masterstrokes of genius or did they just get lucky?

Sure, Jeff Mathis runs decently, but he is no burner on the basepaths, why not pinch-run with Reggie Willits?  Think about just how close Mathis got to being thrown out at third base on the sacrifice bunt.  If Mariano Rivera had made a good throw, he had a good chance at nabbing Mathis, but likely wouldn’t have if it were Willits?  Perhaps Willits would’ve been able to score on the diving stop Mark Teixeira made one batter later?  Lord know that Scioscia wasn’t leaving Mathis in for his .211 batting average and they did have another catcher on the roster, what was Scioscia saving Willits for?

And why not pinch-hit for Mathis in the eleventh?  Mathis did have a double earlier, but the statistical play was to pinch-hit with Gary Matthews who is both a better hitter and had the advantage of being a lefty swing facing a righty pitcher.  If there was ever going to be a time for Scioscia to use a pinch-hitter, that was the time.  But Sosh went with his gut and left Mathis in and it worked out.  Did he know something we didn’t or was it just a wild guess?

So which is it, Scioscia the genius or Scioscia’s lucky rabbit’s foot?

Mike Scioscia at batting practice

Is this man a genius or just really, really lucky?

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