Discussion: The Catcher Platoon

This week’s discussion for all you fans out there is what do you think of the catcher platoon that Mike Scioscia insists on using despite the offensive deficiencies of Jeff Mathis and the defensive gaffes of Mike Napoli?  Which of the following ways do you think the Angels should go with their signal caller:

A) Give Mathis the job full-time because his defense is so vastly superior and the Angels have enough offense to carry him through.

B) Give Napoli the job full-time because he has too much power to keep on the bench half the time and his defense isn’t that bad.

C) Stick with the platoon because it seems to be working.

SECRET OPTION D) Hire a genetic engineer to merge Mathis and Napoli into one power-hitting, defensive-ace catcher named Miff Matholi.

Napoli and Mathis

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