Final Off Day Ideas

With this being the final off day of the regular season for the Los Angeles Angels, it is important that each and every player make the most of their time off.  To help the Halos to that end, here are a few ideas for how the fellas might want to spend their day:

  • Everyone likes watching videos on their lazy days, but rather than spending the day vegging out in front of the TV watching The Dark Knight for the 13th time.  The Angel hitters can watch game tape from August, you know, the month where they actually knew how to hit with runners in scoring position.
  • Spend the day mailing “care packages” to all the umpires in the league.  It seems like the umps have had it out for the Halos of late, starting with the Boston debacle and I think the Angels should respond in kind.  The contents of these “care packages” could be a combination of Rally Monkey feces, gift certificates for a pair of glasses at LensCrafters and autographed pictures from Tim Donaghy.
  • Angels vs. Umpires

  • Settle the Maicer Izturis-Howie Kendrick platoon dilemma by having them battle to the death Thunderdome style.
  • Take Mike Napoli out shopping for a first basemen’s mitt.  This whole catcher thing doesn’t look like it is going to work out for him in the long run, not in Anaheim anyway.
  • Have Brian Fuentes see a hypnotist that can convince him that whenever there are really two outs in the ninth innings (where he typically falls apart) that there is only one out.  This seems like the only way to get Tito to ever have a clean ninth inning again.
  • Crazy hypnotist

  • Road trips are great for male bonding, but you have to obviously have a destination in mind.  Might I recommend Boston?  If by some strange coincidence the Angels make that trip to Boston and Fenway Park happens to get blown up while they are there, then so be it.
  • Hire a priest, rabbit, imam, witch doctor, shaman and or any other person with purported ties to spiritual or magical figures to come into the Angel clubhouse to try and exorcise whatever demons, jinxes or curses have been preventing the Angels from returning to the World Series the last few years.
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