Game Rewind: A Little Bit of Redemption – Angels 4, Red Sox 3

It wasn’t pretty, and let’s face it, it never is in Fenway, but the Angels finally got themselves a little bit of redemption.  All it took for the Angels to finally earn a win in Fenway was a little resiliency and, of course, balls going through Jason Varitek’s legs (ewwwww, that sounded kind of dirty).

David Ortiz

Don’t be upset, David Ortiz.  At least you didn’t lose because of lousy umpiring.

Though the Angel bats remained quiet, they still found a way to pick up a win against the Red Sox ace, Josh Beckett.  Was the win enough to erase the bitterness from the wild Wednesday night loss?  Probably not, but in the long run this win should be a more important one.  This win, combined with the memory of that controversial loss might just be what the Halos needed to get over the Fenway hump.

Let’s face it, the Angels and Red Sox are going to meet in the ALDS again, no matter how many different sacrifices I make to the Baseball Gods.  It is because of games like Wednesday that the Angels have to feel cursed whenever they play in the shadow of the Green Monster, but for them to not only shake off a potentially ego-crushing loss but also pull off a comeback against the Red Sox best pitcher.  They’ve still got a long way to go to exorcise their Boston demons, but it is a start and something they can build on mentally for the ALDS.

Angels win

Congrats on not screwing this one up, boys.

Angelic Accomplishments:

  • Ervin Santana made a strong case to get the call for fourth starter in the playoff if the Angels end up needing one.  With the exception of him losing focus and giving up two homers in the fourth inning, Voodoo had the Red Sox totally baffled.
  • Opa!  Jeff Mathis finally got an extra-base hit, his first since August 27th.  Granted, it was one of the most weakly hit doubles I have seen hit all year, but you have to take whatever you can get.

Devilish Details:

  • You know the Red Sox are in your head when you fully expected Terry Evans and Howie Kendrick to collide on the pop fly that ended the game.  I was already in my remote control throwing motion when the ball mercifully landed in Howie’s glove.  The playoffs are going to kill me, I know it.
  • I have a new idea for the closer situation.  Since Brian Fuentes struggles so much to get the final out, why not have him get the first two outs of the ninth and then bring someone else in?  It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?
  • Another idea, I guess I am just full of them tonight.  This one is two-fold actually.  First, Mark Gubicza can quit telling us that Gary Matthews “actually has good power” every single time he comes to the plate.  Second, Gary Matthews can admit that he actually doesn’t have good power and quit swinging like he is Barry Bonds all the damned time.  You are hitting .241 with just 11 homers in your last 720 at-bats.  Maybe it is time to cut down on the swing a little bit, eh?

Halo Hero:

  • Howie Kendrick

Howie Kendrick

A solo home run AND a game-winning single, what more can you ask for?  Besides him finally refusing to do those horrific Howard’s Super Store commercials.  If this performance doesn’t earn him a more permanent spot in the line-up, I don’t know what will, especially since this was his tenth multi-hit game in his last eleven starts.

Garrett Wilson

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