Game Rewind: Jinxed – Red Sox 4, Angels 3

I warned you in the morning links.

I warned you again in the pre-game post.

Did anyone listen?  No.  And what happened?  The bullpen choked… again.  Jinxed by the “all is well in the bullpen” article published on the Angels’ website.

Shields gets the hook

Shields getting the hook is becoming a familiar sight

The bullpen has enough trouble right now without the Angels PR department jinxing them.  Why not just post a story declaring the Angels the AL West champions next to ensure that it doesn’t happen.  Stupid website.

The bullpen basically handed this game to the Red Sox, starting with Arredondo trying to get to cute with Julio Lugo when he had him down 0-2, only to end up walking him.  Then came Oliver, the alleged linchpin of the bullpen, doinking David Ortiz on a 1-2 count.  The fatal blow came in the ninth when Scot Shields hung a slider to Jason Varitek to allow a game-winning double.  Did it not occur to Shields that Varitek hasn’t been able to hit a good fastball in years?  Just too many self-inflicted wounds.

Good News:

  • Jered Weaver, with the exception of one pitch to J.D. Drew, was dominant yet again.  How he can pitch so well while only getting ONE ground ball out is beyond me.  Thank goodness for the marine layer.
  • Doth my eyes deceive me?  Howie Kendrick with two walks?  In the same game?  I am expecting plague and locusts to descend on Anaheim in the next few days.

Bad News:

  • While the Angels website is busy pretending that the bullpen problem is fixed, Mike Scioscia clearly doesn’t think so.  It was very telling that he went with Jose Arredondo in the 8th inning rather than Soct Shields, like usual.
  • The Angels went 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position.  The Angels’ vaunted situational hitting strikes again.  When your best offensive weapon is the sacrifice fly, you might have some offensive issues.

It’s All Your Fault:

  • Whoever the editor for the Angels’ website news stories is

I know that it can be hard to come up with good content on an off-day during a slow news cycle, but please try and remember the rules of jinxing going forward and remember who it is that signs your paycheck.

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