Game Rewind: One and Done – Angels 5, Rangers 0

Come on, Texas.  Now your just not even trying.  For the second time this series, the Angels have shutout the Rangers, this time doing it on a one-hitter courtesy of Matt Palmer and four bullpen compatriots.

Bobby Wilson and Rafael Rodriguez

When two minor leaguers are celebrating at the end of the game, the opposing team might just suck.

For a minute their I think the Rangers were actually trying to get no-hit.  Julio Borbon accidentally got a hit to start the game but must have thought the hit would be negated if he got caught stealing.  That isn’t the way it works, but thanks for trying Julio.  We appreciate the effort.

What is even more appreciated is Texas continues to fold like a cheap tent for the Angels, affording them the opportunity to not only continue winning but also letting them do so while using their regulars for about half the game.  So often it is the hottest team heading into the playoffs that makes the most noise and the Rangers are doing all they can to help light a fire under the Angels.

Holly Madison throws first pitch

Too bad for the Rangers that Holly Madison only threw out the first pitch.  Had she started, this probably would have been a two-hitter instead.

Angelic Accomplishments:

  • That second inning double play that Izturis and, especially, Aybar turned was just bonkers.  With one Erick Aybar pirouette they went from nearly getting nobody on that play to nailing them both.  Statistically, Aybar probably isn’t a Gold Glover, but he makes so many highlight reel plays that I think he has a legit shot at it (although we all know everyone is going to vote for Derek “No Range” Jeter).
  • I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Gary Matthews is actually raking lately.  He has seven hits, three for extra bases, in his last 13 at-bats in addition to generally hitting solidly the entire second half of the season.  I feel like I should send this out via a press release to the other GMs in the league.
  • Speaking of hot teams, the Angels have now won four straight and the Red Sox have lost six in a row.  I’m just saying.

Devilish Details:

  • I got nothing for this space tonight.  What could anyone possibly complain about after this game?  Even Gubicza finally got a trivia question right with his default answer of Dean Chance.  Sometimes everything just goes your way.

Halo Hero:

  • Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer

Not that the Rangers even appeared to be trying, but allowing just three baserunners in five shutout innings during a spot start is still more than enough to be the Halo Hero.

Garrett Wilson

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