Game Rewind: Walk Away Losing – Ray 11, Angels 1

Well, the Angels off-season plan to draw more walks certainly bared some fruit tonight.  What I want to know is how in the name of Jorge Fabregas do you walk eight times AND SCORE ONE FREAKING RUN!!!!

The Rays celebrate

You aren’t supposed to get a hug for walking 8 batters, you are supposed to get a loss

That is just unbelievable and also a true testament to just what a messed up ballclub the Angels are right now.  They just keep finding creative new ways to lose games.  I honestly don’t think I have ever been more frustrated with an Angel team (but that is only because I had the 1995 season wiped from mind).

At least I am not alone in my fury.  Mike Scioscia had some real pointed remarks after the game and is once again threatening to make changes to this collection of underachievers.  Sosh’s warnings have typically rang hollow in previous seasons, but the Jose Arredondo demotion shows that he’s more than ready to follow through on his threats this year.

Good News:

  • Kevin Jepsen was strong in his return appearance.  Way to get the ERA down to a much more respectable 15.00.
  • The Lakers started halfway through the game, so I was able to change the channel before my eyes started to bleed.  That is always a plus.
  • The Angels clearly have the wrong Aybar brother.  Any chance the Halos get swap them out before their flight tonight and just kind of hope the Rays don’t notice?  I think it might work.

Bad News:

  • I’m going to keep on saying it until somebody actually does something about it, but again with the Robb Quinlan?  Once again Q got the call to take on the southpaw and once again he didn’t do a thing, except of course striking out twice against the lefties he faced.  Good thing Brandon Wood didn’t hit a home run and play first base tonight. Whaaaaaaaaat?  He did?  Hmm, how about that?  It is almost like he should be getting all of Quinlan’s at-bats.
  • A night after I praise Rich Thompson he has to go out and get bombed.  Thanks, Chopper.  I am so going to unfollow you on Twitter, jerk.
  • Ervin Santana got bombed again.  Perhaps the Angels should demote him to the bullpen too.  I just don’t think he is healthy.

It’s All Your Fault:

  • Mike Scioscia

Mad Mike Scioscia

Yes, he was on the warpath after the game but it is his stoic demeanor and stubborn loyalty of lesser players that got the Angels into this quagmire (not giggity kind).  It is painfully obvious to everyone on the outside that this line-up needs a major shot to the arm, but Sosh refused to bend.  I’m glad that he is at the end of his rope now, but I fear that it might have come too late.

Garrett Wilson

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