Game Talk 4/17/09: Angels @ Twins – Clash of the Inept Offenses

Los Angeles Angels (4-5) @ Minnesota Twins (4-7)

Starters: LAA – Dustin Moseley (1-0, 3.86)  MIN – Nick Blackburn (0-1, 5.73)

Game Info: 5:10 PM PT TV-FSW, Radio-830 AM

After a forgettable series against Seattle, the Angels move on to Minnesota to take on the Twins.

This should make for an interesting series since the Twins have an even worse offense than the Angels, which I didn’t think was actually possible.  The Twinkies have only plated 39 runs in 11 games this year whereas the Angels have tallied a much more robust (um, yeah) 36 runs over 9 games.  No doubt this series will be a good old fashioned slugfest.  (Have I laid on the sarcasm thick enough yet?  Good.)

The Halos will be entering the series short-handed though with Vladimir Guerrero out for the series with his chest injury.  Without Big Bad Vlad, the Angels will have to conjure up some more of that big inning magic they found last night against the Mariners.

On a more dour note, Nick Adenhart’s public memorial was held earlier today.  A few Angel players already attended a private service earlier this week, but nobody would blame them if a number of the Halos played with a heavy heart tonight.

What to Watch For:

  • Torii Hunter over-swinging like crazy to try and impress his former fans
  • Who will DH tonight?  Will it be Napoli with Mathis catching or will it be Rivera like it was last night?  Hard to imagine Scioscia going away from Napoli who has been hot so far.
  • Bobby Abreu smacking his first dinger as an Angel (I hope)

As always, leave a comment and follow along with this post during the game.

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