Game Talk – 4/22/09: Tigers @ Angels – Patience is a Virtue

Detroit Tigers (7-6) @ Los Angeles Angels (5-8)

Starters: DET – Justin Verlander (0-2, 7.88)  LAA – Joe Saunders (2-1, 2.18)

Game Info: 7:05 PM PT TV-FS West, Radio-KLAA 830 AM, KFWB, KWKW 1330 AM

The Angels are back on the winning track and looking to stay there.  After taking care of business against a red hot Armando Galarraga last night, the Halos get to take a crack at an ice cold Justin Verlander who enters the game with a bloated 7.88 ERA.  He’ll face off against the Angels only other legitimate starting pitcher, Joe Saunders.

Joe Saunders

The Angels displayed some rare patience to top Detroit last night and would be best served to keep it up tonight as their non-Hunter power outage continues.  The Halos only two other players on the active roster that have knocked one out of the park and have not seen a non-Torii home run since April 11th. Of course the Angels could try and address that by starting Brandon Wood at designated hitter tonight.  Scioscia can even still use his precious Maicer Izturis at the top of the order if he sits the slumping Howie Kendrick and uses Izzy at second base.

Patience will also be the theme for the pitching staff tonight.  With the next Triple-A scrub of the week possibly slated to start on Thursday, the Angels are going to need a rested bullpen for the final game of this series if they hope to compete.  Don’t be surprised if Scioscia is hesitant to use the hook on Saunders in hopes of squeezing a few extra outs from his de facto ace.  Hopefully Saunders will pitch well enough so Sosh isn’t tempted to yank him.


What to Watch For:

  • Will we get to see a little Brandon Wood tonight?
  • Can Saunders succeed against a right-hand heavy Tiger line-up?
  • Will Misty May be back in the booth tonight or will we get Kerri Walsh instead?

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