Game Talk – 6/9/09: Dead Men Walking – Angels @ (Not the Devil) Rays

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (28-27) @ Tampa Rays (29-30)

Starters: LAA – Jered Weaver (5-2, 2.26 ERA)  TB – James Shields (5-4, 3.40 ERA)

Game Info: 4:08 PM PT TV-Fox Sports West, Radio-KLAA 830 AM, KFWB, KWKW 1330 AM

We don’t know who and we don’t know when, but this could well be the beginning of the end for more than a few Angels.  The Sunday choke job in Detroit looks to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and now rumblings of all kinds are coming out of the Angels’ camp that a roster shake-up is on its way, and not just in the Bullpen of Doom either.  So if you are a fan of any of the Angels who currently aren’t pulling their weight (so basically the starting rotation plus Chone Figgins and Torii Hunter), you might want to watch this series closely because it could be the last time you see your favorite underachieving player sporting the Halo Red.

Dead Man Walking

Replacing Sean Penn in the starring role…. Gary Matthews Jr.!!!!

Or maybe the Angels are just blowing smoke again and will once again fail to make any kind of move, or as I like to call it “The Bill Stoneman Special.”

Questions of the Night:

  • How will it feel to see a guy named Shields pitch well?  It’s been so long since I witnessed it, I can’t remember what it is like.
  • Did someone wake-up Mike Scioscia?  Torii Hunter is batting third with Vlad fourth.  That is dangerously close to making sense.  I hope Sosh is feeling OK.
  • Is Torii OK?  That groin better be feeling good if he is going to take a chance of aggravating it on the Trop’s turf.
  • How many steals for the Rays?  Weaver is long to the plate, but at least Mathis is behind the dish.  I still think the Rays attempt at least four steals but only swipe three.  I’m being optimisitic.
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