Halo Headlines – 11/2/09

  • The Story: Dodgers GM Ned Colletti is playing dumb about the possibility of signing John LackeyThe Monkey Says: Colletti is trying to avoid tampering charges, but it is clear that just about any team with a reasonable payroll is going to be in on Big John this winter which is precisely why the Halos don’t expect him to re-sign.
  • The Story: The Angels have reportedly yet to call Cuban free agent pitcher Aroldis ChapmanThe Monkey Says: This disappoints me greatly as I believe Chapman is someone the Angels must get their hands on in order to both compete next year and in the future.  It has been the Angels’ style in the past to swoop in at the last minute on big free agents (i.e. Vlad Guerrero, Bobby Abreu, Torii Hunter) so they can’t be ruled out yet, but at the same time they don’t want Chapman to feel slighted.
  • The Story: Be proud Angels fansThe Monkey Says: Some Angel fans still are feeling down about losing in the ALCS but as time passes I think we will all realize what an amazing season 2009 was for the Halos.  Hooray for moral victories.
  • The Story: Halos Heaven offers up the first third of their top 32 prospects in the Angel farm systemThe Monkey Says: The list starts with Angels’ 2009 first-round pick Randal Grichuk who pounded the ball in the minors this year but is already being hounded by concern over his fielding ability.  Not exactly the kind of start you want for the team’s top pick, but there is still time to figure out his problems with the glove.  Expect Mike Trout, the player the Angels selected just one spot later to rank much higher.
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