Halo Headlines – 11/5/09

  • The Story: Torii Hunter is hosting a charity golf tournament next weekThe Monkey Says: Tickets are still available, so check it out if you have the spare cash and/or an altruistic spirit.
  • The Story: Someone didn’t like my Gary Matthews for Francisco Cordero trade ideaThe Monkey Says: The ideas Sam Miller offered up are probably more likely to happen, but certainly less appealing.  For the record though, if you read my post he linked to, I stated that it wasn’t a straight up swap.  The Angels would have to eat a good chunk of the money and throw in some prospects to balance out the deal.
  • The Story: The Angels might want to take a chance on Craig Hansen in the Rule V draftThe Monkey Says: Hansen was once an elite closer prospect but command and health issues have held him back.  Considering the state of the Halo bullpen, it certainly couldn’t hurt to give Hansen a look if he is healthy.
  • The Story: Monkey With A Halo has been awarded the Blog of the Month for October 2009 by the Fanball Blog Network!  The Monkey Says: When did this become all about me?  Seriously though, thanks to all you readers who have supported me as we get this blog and the Fanball network up and running.  Onwards and upwards.
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