Halo Headlines – 12/21/09

  • The Story: Darren Oliver is reportedly close to signing with the Texas RangersThe Monkey Says: And this hits just keep coming as the Angels lose yet another key member of their 2009 roster to a divisional rival.  The Angels could have prevented this by offering Oliver arbitration but declined to do so.  Hopefully they have a plan in mind for replacing DO as he was the only reliable member of the Halo bullpen last season.
  • The Story: The Rangers are also talking to Vladimir Guerrero’s agentThe Monkey Says: Aww, c’mon!  This isn’t funny anymore.  I know the Angels don’t want Vladdy back, but still, this is getting out of hand.
  • The Story: The renovation of the Big A outside Angel Stadium is completeThe Monkey Says: The Big A got a new color display video board and a brand new paint job.  Maybe the new video board can start displaying photo montages of all the Angel players that won’t be back next season.
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