Halo Headlines – 12/28/09

  • The Story: Economics have changed for the AngelsThe Monkey Says: The fact that the Angels have been outbid on several of their own free agents certainly seems to go hand in hand with the fact that the team actually lost money this year, so anyone still holding their breath in hopes of a big off-season move still happening for the Halos might want to go ahead and stop before they pass out.
  • The Story: Fernando Rodney is happy to be joining the AngelsThe Monkey Says: Too bad Angel fans don’t feel the same way, at least not until Rodney proves himself worthy of the money he is earning because right now everyone, myself included, thinks he could be the second coming of Justin Speier.
  • The Story: Will Jeff Mathis ever hitThe Monkey Says: The stats seem to at least think it is possible, but realists just have to see that we are only having this conversation because Mathis had one good playoff series and that the rest of his career has been nothing but lousy offense.
  • The Story: Torii Hunter talks about what Christmas means to himThe Monkey Says: Sometimes Torii is such a good human being that it actually makes me kind of sick.  My personal feelings aside, the Angels are going to really need Torii and his positive attitude this season to provide veteran leadership to a team that is going to be relying more and more on young players.
Garrett Wilson

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