Halo Headlines – 4/27/09

  • Since the Angel rotation is a nebulous entity right now, here is a quick synopsis about who is going to pitch this week for the Halos.  Of course, this is all subject to change when another injury strikes and the Angels have to sign that Little League girl that just threw a perfect game (actually, that is a good idea, she might be better than Anthony Ortega).
  • Howie Kendrick explains how he broke out of his slump, but not before messing with the media a little bit first.
  • The LA Times would like to point out that the Angels’ bullpen “has been a concern.”  Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  • What will happen with Brandon Wood?  Sooner or later the Halos will have to give him regular playing time or send him down to the minors to actually get some work.  I’d like to say the Angels would play him, but clearly Scioscia can’t figure it out, expect a demotion for Woody soon.
  • Steve Bisheff does it again.  This time he is calling out Arte Moreno for being a cheapskate in regards to addressing the Angels pitching problems.  Look, Arte is a great owner and, if anything, his reluctance to sign a free agent or make a trade shows that Moreno is smart enough to make stupid, knee-jerk decisions in the face of panic.
  • The Angels might look to Ryan Drese or other independent league pitchers as possible solutions if the injury woes persist.
  • Daniel Davidson was designated for assignment this weekend.  Let’s just say when you are pitching for a team that is raking the depths of their farm system and you still get dropped from the roster, you may not have a bright future in the majors.
  • Injury Update #1: John Lackey and Ervin Santana both got off to good starts in their rehab assignments.
  • Injury Update #2: Kevin Jepsen is about to start rehab, Dustin Moseley hasn’t even touched a baseball yet and Escobar is back on track in hi rehab.
  • A letter from Arte Moreno to the fans about the tough start to the season and Nick Adenhart.  How can anyone not love this guy?
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