Halo Headlines – 4/29/09

  • Ken Rosental takes a look at Chone Figgins’ impending free agency this winter.  I think Figgins is as good as gone.  The Halos can’t keep Brandon Wood down for much longer (though they certainly are trying) and Figgins is the guy that will have to go to make room.  The only reason Figgins probably hasn’t been traded already is the lack of an in-house leadoff hitter to take his place, though Gary Matthews is an option if he keeps hitting.
  • An update on Scot Shields’ ongoing struggles suggests there are conflicting opinions on his actual health.  Shields claims he is healthy, Scioscia isn’t so sure.  My suspicion is that he has fallen victim to the World Baseball Classic participant curse.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed (and how could you not) the Angels lead the American League in errors.  Bravo, boys!  I wish they could blame that on injuries too, but they can’t.
  • Injury update: The Angels are trying to spin that Vlad is getting close to returning because he is now running the bases and shagging fly balls.  Seeing how neither of those activity involve his injured chest muscle, this seems like a non-story.  Wake me up when he starts swinging or throwing.
  • The lone survivor of the Nick Adenhart car crash is improving.  Finally a little bit of good news from the dark situation.
  • With the Angels playing in Nick Adenhart’s home state of Maryland, a number of fans and friends were in attendance Tuesday night.
  • Even with Freddy Garcia on the market now, Tony Reagins reiterates the Angels position against acquiring veteran pitching help right now.  At least he is consistent.
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