Halo Headlines – 4/30/09

  • Great point by Mike DiGiovanna, Torii Hunter already has as he had at the end of June last year.  That goes to show just how hot he has been, but it also makes me wonder how much longer he can keep it up.
  • I still think it is boring, but here is some video that I know some of you might want to see of one of John Lackey’s rehab assignment workouts.  Can’t get enough of watching dudes play catch.
  • ESPN’s Rob Neyer takes a look at what kind of free agency payday Chone Figgins can expect.  Neyer seems to think he won’t get crazy money, and maybe he is right due to the lousy economy, but how many decent lead-off hitter types come available every year?  Not many, that is why Juan Pierre and Gary Matthews (guh) got crazy cheddar a few years ago.  I can certainly see one team losing their grip on reality and giving Figgy a 4-year, $45 million deal.  I won’t name names, but there is one team that has long had man crush on Figgins, that team also really likes white socks.  I’m just saying.
  • Justin Speier credits his early season success to his new delivery.  I must admit, I figured his age had caught up with him last year and that he was only going to be good for some mop up work this year, but he has been an absolute savior so far.
  • Mike Scioscia is fully aware that the Angels defense stinks right now.  Now if he could offer up a solution other than “any player has to get into a flow and a rhythm of playing,” I’d feel better.  Also, the article intimates that Brandon Wood might get sent down soon if he doesn’t get more playing time.
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