Halo Headlines – 5/1/09

  • Mark Teixeira tries to blame his wife for signing with the Yankees instead of the Angels.  I’m sure the Brinks truck full of cash had nothing to do with it, Mark.  Although I have to admit he has been pretty gracious towards the Angels in all his press statements, so I can’t be too mad at the guy.
  • Steve Bisheff points out that the Angels slow start may not kill their season because the rest of the AL West generally stinks, too.  Also, he points out Mike Scioscia thinks playing time is going to have to “show up” for Brandon Wood as if it is some mythical entity that the manager has no control over.  Sounds like Woody is headed back to minors soon since Sosh doesn’t realize he is the only who can give Wood some playing time.
  • Mike Scioscia gets roped into the A-Rod saga.  He doesn’t believe the pitch-tipping allegations.  Well, that makes one of us.
  • Puff Piece Alert!  Brian Fuentes has “found his groove.” That basically means he is the only reliever who hasn’t choked away a game in the last two weeks.
  • Injury update: Lackey, Santana and Escobar are all still on track and might return to the active roster in a few weeks (except Escobar who can’t until June).
  • A few Angels offer up their thoughts on the new Yankee Stadium.
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