Halo Headlines – 5/11/09

  • INJURY UPDATE: Vladimir Guerrero is going to start taking batting practice soon and could be ready to rejoin the team in two weeks.  With that timeline it sounds like they are planning on having Vlad skip going on a rehab assignment, let’s just hope they aren’t rushing him.
  • ManRam reaction from former Angel great Tim Salmon.  Surprisingly, Salmon isn’t all that upset, but instead more comforted by the fact that his comparative decline towards the end of his career wasn’t because he wasn’t good anymore, but because many of his peers were cheating.
  • With an off-day today, the Angels are going to adjust the rotation a bit, skipping Anthony Ortega’s turn in the rotation and sending him to the minors.  With Lackey and Santana on their way back soon (with Santana possibly being activated tomorrow), we may have mercifully seen the last of Ortega this season.
  • Bobby Abreu discusses his torrid start on the basepaths.  Abreu has always had speed, but his current rate seems absurd, especially given his age.  At the same time, it is important to remember he was playing for a Yankee team the last several years that does not run much.
  • Angel farmhand, Gabe Jacobo, hit for the cycle this weekend in a game for the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  This will probably be the last time you hear of Jacobo, so soak it in.
  • Fresh off a shutout, Joe Saunders couldn’t help but comment on the return of A-Rod and declares is days as an All-Star “over.”  As much as I appreciate Saunders siding with the fans and hoping for a clean game, he would be best served to keep his mouth shut on such matters given that there is no guarantee every Angel player is clean.
  • The Royals are sore losers and appealing the ruling on Howie Kendrick’s inside-the-park homer.
  • INJURY UPDATE: Kelvim Escobar will soon pitch in an extended Spring Training game as he progresses in his rehab.
  • The Angels say Scot Shields has tendinitis in his knee, but that it isn’t why he is struggling.  Let’s just pretend that it is, because the alternative is that he is just losing it.
  • Mike Scioscia apparently loves Juan Rivera’s new, more patient approach at the plate.  Seeing how he keeps rotating him with Gary Matthews and Maicer Izturis, he can’t possibly be that impressed.
  • INJURY UPDATE: John Lackey pitched well in his weekend rehab start and declared himself ready to make his Friday start for the Angels… however, the Angels haven’t exactly confirmed that.  Apparently Big John has taken it upon himself to alter the rotation to suit his needs.  Let’s hope he is good to go, but let’s also hope he actually is consulting the Angels in his plans, otherwise there could be some awkwardness on Friday.
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