Halo Headlines – 5/13/09

  • Rob Neyer investigates whether or not Joe Saunders is really as good as his numbers suggest.  Neyer suggests that Saunders will come back to earth (and soon) but I have to wonder just how far back he will come?  The numbers are certainly on Neyer’s side, but there are exceptions to every rule and Saunders has been able to succeed for a while now despite allowing a lot of flyball contact.
  • INJURY UPDATE: The starting pitchers return!  Ervin Santana will make his season debut this Thursday and John Lackey will then do the same on Saturday.  It is about damn time the Angels got some good news in the injury department.  Who will be moved out to make room for these two?  More on that later today…
  • Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Steve Bisheff reminds us all that Bobby Abreu hasn’t displayed much power yet.  Thanks, Steve, somehow it slipped everyone’s attention that our three-hole hitter still doesn’t have a home run.  Good work by you.
  • Torii Hunter downplays any residual hard feelings stemming from the pitch that Justin Masterson threw behind him last night.  Hunter doesn’t think it was intentional, but I don’t see how it couldn’t considering the dust up between the two teams earlier this season.  Clearly, Masterson was sending a message.  Hunter is just being diplomatic.
  • It was a humbling moment for Bobby Wilson when he arrived at Angel Stadium yesterday when he saw the picture of his close friend Nick Adenhart.
  • INJURY UPDATE: Vlad Guerrero was shagging fly balls during pre-game warm-ups yesterday, but not throwing the balls back.  This still doesn’t sound to me like a guy due back in two weeks though the Angels seem to be sticking to that story.
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