Halo Headlines – 5/21/09

  • Not that anyone asked, but Ron Roenicke is ready for his own managerial gig.  The success of Joe Maddon will likely lead some team to give Roenicke his shot someday.
  • INJURY UPDATE: Bobby Abreu got pulled from last night’s game after injuring his toe, no word yet on the severity of the injury.  Somehow how the Angels will have to find a way to deal without his power bat for a little while… or not.
  • Torii Hunter gave Howie Kendrick a good talking to after last night’s game in hopes of instilling some veteran wisdom into the enigmatic youngster.
  • Finally, some sad news, the wife of former Angel pitcher Scott Schoeneweis, now pitching for Arizona, was found dead in their family home yesterday.  The cause of death is currently unknown.  Condolences go out to the Schoeneweis family.
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