Halo Headlines – 5/4/09

  • So far so good for Kendry Morales in his quest to prove he is big-league ready as he is outperforming Mark Teixeira and Casey Kotchman thus far.  Kendry has done well in one month so far, but let’s see how these three all stack up at the end of the season.
  • INJURY UPDATE #1: Darren Oliver has been activated from the DL and should help to stabilize the bullpen, at least a little bit.  Oliver won’t do anything to fix Shields, Arredondo or Fuentes, but he can at least help bridge the gap in the middle innings.  This assumes that whatever is causing the rest of the relievers to implode doesn’t infect him as well.
  • PUFF PIECE ALERT: The Angels all have such lovely things to say about Bobby Abreu.  This piece actually does have some substance though as it is clear to even the most casual of fans that plate discipline and pitch selection has improved quite a bit throughout the Angel line-up and Abreu likely has a lot to do with that.
  • In former Angel news, Garret Anderson is injured (no surprise) but has refused to go on a rehab assignment for the Braves.  I am pretty sure he did this just to remind me how much I do not miss him.
  • The recent bullpen woes have the Angels thinking long and hard about putting Kelvim Escobar in the bullpen when he returns from the disabled list.  This sounds like a great idea, if and only if, Lackey and Santana are healthy.  If so, he can give the Angels a very deep bullpen and stop them from having to fool around with all the rookie relievers, plus it might help him stay healthy for once.
  • INJURY UPDATE #2: Abreu had to sit out this Saturday due to back stiffness.  It isn’t serious, allegedly, but at least this offers some explanation for why he hasn’t smacked a homer yet.
  • INJURY UPDATE #3: Erick Aybar had to leave the game Saturday after taking an errant throw to the jaw.  It sounds like he will miss a game or two but he should avoid a trip to the DL.  Maybe the blow to the head will help him prevent more mental errors.
  • INJURY UPDATE #4: John Lackey and Ervin Santana will both report to the minors for some rehab work this week, bringing them one step closer to a return sometime this month.
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