Halo Headlines – 5/5/09

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  • Steve Bisheff attempts to take credit for the Napoli-at-DH idea and realizes the is not now for Brandon Wood.
  • Hold your breath and cross your fingers, Angel fans.  Vlad Guerrero is scheduled to be evaluated by the team doctor tomorrow, after which a more concrete timeline for his return should be established.  Call me paranoid, but usually these MLB/Angel generated reports include a lot of positive fluff, but that isn’t the tone of the linked article which makes me think the Angels aren’t expecting very good news tomorrow.  Let’s hope I am wrong.
  • INJURY UPDATE: Ervin Santana was sharp in his rehab outing in Rancho Cucamonga and the Angels teased the possibility he could be back as soon as next week.  John Lackey goes tonight for Salt Lake.
  • To make room for Darren Oliver, Fernando Rodriguez was sent back down to the minors.  The Angels also tried to sneak this one through, but Kevin Jepsen was activated from the DL yesterday, too, and was also sent to the minors.  It seems Jepsen has already lost his roster spot and is now going to have to prove himself again at Triple-A.
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