Halo Headlines – 9/11/09

  • The Story: Torii Hunter has been named the 2009 Branch Rickey Award winnerThe Monkey Says: The award is honors one baseball player each year for charitable and humanitarian contributions and Hunter more than deserves it.
  • The Story: Howie Kendrick idolizes Derek JeterThe Monkey Says: I assume it is for Jeter’s productivity and professionalism on the field and not for his ability to continually bed the hottest starlets in Hollywood.  Either way, you can’t really go wrong.
  • The Story: The iconic Big A at Angel Stadium is getting a makeoverThe Monkey Says: Fresh paint, some new lights and a digital message board should make the Big A easier to see and attract much more attention once the project is complete.
  • The Story: Why is Kendry Morales batting sixthThe Monkey Says: K-Mo is hitting too well to hit so low, but I don’t think he is ready for clean-up duty yet.  However, he should be batting fifth to provide better protection for Vladimir Guerrero who has been getting little help from Torii Hunter of late or Juan RIvera before him.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia thinks this is the best Angel rotation everThe Monkey Says: That’s pretty big talk, but I don’t know that it is wrong either.  From a one through five perspective, the Angels have no real holes in the rotation (assuming Joe Saunders completes his turnaround).
  • AL West Update: The Rangers were idle yesterday.  The Monkey Says: The Angels expanded their lead to five games.
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