Weekend Game Talk: God Bless America – Angels @ Tigers

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (27-25) @ Detroit Tigers (28-24)

Game 1 Starters: LAA – Ervin Santana (0-2, 9.50 ERA)  DET- Justin Verlander (6-2, 3.63 ERA)

Game 2 Starters: LAA – Kelvim Escobar (0-0, -.– ERA)  DET- Edwin Jackson (5-3, 2.30 ERA)

Game 3 Starters: LAA – Joe Saunders (6-4, 3.77 ERA)  DET- Rick Porcello (6-4, 3.70 ERA)

Ah, finally back on American soil.

American Vlady

While being back in the homeland is always nice (not that I actually went anywhere, but the Angels did) they have go their work cutout for them this weekend in the Motor City.  The Angels rotation almost in as bad a shape as General Motors (cue rimshot).  The Halos are starting off with Ervin Santana whose arm may or may not fall off in the middle of the game, follow Ervo up with Kelvim Escobar making his first major league appearance in 20 FREAKING MONTHS and will then hope Joe Saunders can break out his slump to end the series.  Good times.  When are the Lakers on?

Questions of the Weekend:

  • Which reliever will meltdown this weekend?  It had been Shields, then Arredondo, then Fuentes and recently Oliver.  Methinks a Bulger catastrophe is in the offing.
  • How many homers will the Halos hit in the series?  The Angels have almost no power as it and Comerica Park is absolutely cavernous.  I am going to say two.
  • How many times will I wish that the Angels had managed to complete the trade that would have sent a package of players centered on Howie Kendrick to Florida for Miguel Cabrera?  I will give you a hint: the answer is however many at-bats Kendrick gets in the series multiplied by the number of beers I drink during each game.

Make your own guesses at the questions or just leave a general comment and hang out.

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