Weekend Rewind: A Sweeping Success – Angels Sweep Athletics

After this weekend’s series, I think it is safe to say that the Angels’ regular season has been a sweeping success.  The Angels closed out their regular season with an impressive sweep of the Oakland Athletics and a whole lot of good feelings.

Kendry Morales steals home

Kendry Morales is jumping for joy, or to avoid a tag, either one works.

Everything went the Angels way in Oakland in their three games.  All the regulars were hitting well.  All the starting pitchers were looking strong.  Heck, Kendry Morales even managed to steal home.  You really couldn’t ask for much for the team as they ready for the ALDS, well, except maybe for the entire Red Sox roster to catch swine flu.

Mike Napoli congratulated

The Angels have all kinds of reason to celebrate.

Angelic Accomplishments:

  • It might be too little too late, but Mike Napoli has seven hits and two home runs in his last 20 at-bats.  At a minimum he looks like should be a quality late-inning pinch-hitter in place of Jeff Mathis, assuming Scioscia still doesn’t trust his defense.
  • I know they are just five inning tune-up starts against a patchwork Oakland line-up, but all the Angel starting pitchers look primed and ready to go for the post-season.
  • How in the world did Joe Saunders win 16 games this year?  In fact, he now finishes 16-7, which just barely gives him the best record in the entire rotation since Jered Weaver was 16-8.  Sometimes baseball makes my head hurt.

Devilish Details:

  • Oh crap!  The one thing that the Angels didn’t need this weekend was to suffer and injury, especially to their bullpen.  But now Jason Bulger might just be lost for the ALDS pending his Tuesday throwing session.
  • Compounding the potential Bulger injury is Kevin Jepsen giving up runs in both of his appearances this series.  The prospect of Jose Arredondo throwing his split-finger/lawn dart in crucial ALDS is suddenly looming large right now.
  • WTF?!?!  Why was the game not on TV Saturday?  I know Fox was holding out on their game of the week scheduling and chose not to show the Halos game but why can’t the game be shown on another station.  That is some serious bull honkey.
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