Weekend Rewind: Angels Sweep Royals, Top .500 for First Time

Why hello there, fellow AL West teams.  Long time, no see.  Remember us? Yeah, it’s us the Angels.

Craziest thing happened, like all of our pitchers got hurt to start the year, heck one of them even died.  Then Guerrero got hurt too and the bullpen went to hell.  Yeah, it was pretty rough, but we’re doing better now. Thanks for asking.

Anyway, we just finished sweeping the Kansas City Royals and we’re back over .500 again.  What?  Yeah, we know, the Royals are actually good now though, so it is actually impressive this year.  So, like we were saying, we have a winning record again and are only half a game out of first place.  Texas is first now?  You don’t say?  Well, we all know that won’t last, haha.  Good times, good times.

Yeah, we know, hard to believe, all that hardship and here we are almost back in first place.  So look, it has been great catching up and all but I gotta go.  I’m running a little bit behind schedule, we should be WAY out in front of the rest of you by now.  So, it was good catching up and all, we’ll get together again next season when we are all 0-0.  If you need to give us a call we’ll be several game up ahead of you before long.  Later!

The Good:

  • Not sure what was better: Torii Hunter’s catch or his pumped up reaction afterwards.  Badass.  I was so jacked up after that I tried to chest bump the TV.  In a related story, I need a new TV.
  • Hunter celebrates big catch

  • Joe Saunders outdueling Zack Greinke, handing Greinke his first loss of the season and graciously putting an end to all the Greinke puff pieces being churned out this year.  Saunders is the one who had the shutout, where’s his publicity?  Does he need to have an emotional breakdown and quit on his team too?  Would that help?
  • I don’t want to jinx it, but the bullpen looked… good.  For the first time they had back-to-back scoreless performances, including 5.1 innings of shutout innings ball on Sunday.  Better yet, Scot Shields looked like his old self while fanning four batter in two innings without allowing a hit.

The Bad:

  • Jose Guillen turning a single into an inside-the-park home run for Howie Kendrick… and I missed it.  I love nothing more than seeing Guillen fail.  Damn.
  • The Angels only scoring only nine runs the entire weekend.  That typically isn’t enough to sweep a good team, but some fantastic pitching performances saved the day.

Garrett Wilson

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