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Welcome one and all to MonkeyWithAHalo.com, my name is Garrett Wilson and I will be your blog host this evening (and into the foreseeable future).  I have been working as a sportswriter for the last four years, covering the NBA, MLB and fantasy sports for various outlets, including Fanball.com.  But with this blog I will be acting as the Fanball Blog Network correspondent for my hometown Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and only the Angels (let’s just pretend that “other LA” team doesn’t exist, agreed?).  And I hate to break it to you myopic die-hards out there, but if you are looking for a blog that does nothing but stroke the Halos, this is the wrong place.  A homer I am not, but I am no hater either.  What I will provide is current, compelling and unbiased Angel coverage.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the Angels because that is all we are going to do on this blog.  News, rumors, fantasy analysis or good links, if they are Angel-related in anyway (up to and including jokes about Mike Scioscia’s ever-expanding waistline), you will find it here.  If there is something you want to see just let me know.  You can leave a comment, email me (monkeywithahalo@gmail.com) or hit me up on twitter (MonkeyWithAHalo).  In return, I’ll do my best to update at least every day and get you immediate reactions anytime a big Angel story breaks.

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Garrett Wilson is the founder and Supreme Overlord of Monkeywithahalo.com and editor at The Outside Corner. He's an Ivy League graduate, but not from one of the impressive ones. You shouldn't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he is angry.