You Make the Call: Making the Post-Season Roster

Now that the Angels ALDS matchup is officially set it is time to try and figure out the Angels’ playoff roster.  For some reason Mike Scioscia is trying to keep this shrouded in mystery until this weekend, but that isn’t going to stop us from figuring it out for him.

Mike Scioscia arguing

What’s to argue about, Mike? Making the playoff roster isn’t that hard.

We all know all the regular position players will make the roster so we add Rivera, Hunter, Abreu, Guerrero, Figgins, Aybar, Izturis, Kendrick, Morales, Napoli and Mathis all make the team.  That’s eleven right there.  Then add all the starting pitchers (Lackey, Weaver, Kazmir, Saunders and Santana), assuming that Scioscia is far more comfortable having Santana act as a long reliever as opposed to one of the rookies.  That puts us up to 16.  Next is the bullpen, which is an easy call since Fuentes, Jepsen, Oliver, Bulger and Palmer are the only reliable relievers worth of an automatic spot, bringing the total to 21 players.

With 11 position players and 10 pitchers, that really just leaves the Halos to round out the bench.  Gary Matthews is a shoe-in, since he has been playing well and is the only real option they have as a left-handed pinch-hitter.  And we all know that Mike Scioscia loves him some Reggie Willits since he can be used as a pinch-runner and pinch-bunter.

That leaves just two spots on the roster and the Angels at least need on back-up corner infielder and then must decide whether or not to carry a third catcher or an extra reliever.  Do they keep the more versatile Brandon Wood who is a superior defender on the left-side of the infield and has loads of power?  Or do they keep Robb Quinlan who is better at a first baseman and a more capable pinch-hitter?  And finally, are they better off carrying Bobby Wilson as a third catcher so Mike Scioscia can start Jeff Mathis behind the plate most games and then pinch-hit for him in crucial spots or should the Halos opt to keep Jose Arredondo on board in hopes he can capitalize on his recent success out of the pen, giving the Angels better bullpen depth?

Did Robb Quinlan stick with the Angels all season long just to get left off the post-season roster now?

I know what I think the Angels should do (keep Quinlan and Wilson), but what do you think?

You Make the Call! Who gets the final two spots on the playoff roster?

  1. Robb Quinlan or Brandon Wood?
  2. Jose Arredondo or Bobby Wilson?

Let us know what you think the right call is and join in on the discussion by leaving a comment below.  NOTE: Comment moderation is currently turned on so I have to approve your comment if you have never made one at this blog before, but I will try and be fast about it, after that you can comment freely.  I know it is a hassle, but it is outside of my control for now.

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