You Make the Call: Who Will Win the ALDS?

The baseball gods have a funny way of rewarding the Angels for their success, once again forcing the Angels to do battle with the Red Sox in the ALDs.

Angels Red Sox argument

Why would there possibly be any tension between these two teams?

The Angels are hoping that the third time will be the charm in their efforts to defeat the BoSox in the ALDS, but history does have a nasty way of repeating itself.  Will the improvement to the Angel offense be enough to finally get them over the hump or will Boston drive the dagger into the Halos’ heart yet again?

You Make the Call! Which team will win the Red Sox-Angels ALDS series and in how many games?

A) Angels in 3 because karma owes the Halos an easy series victory Boston.

B) Red Sox in 3 because it would rip the heart out of Angels fans.

C) Angels in 4 because they have a deeper line-up and overall rotation.

D) Red Sox in 4 because the Angels can never win in Fenway Park.

E) Angels in 5 because they deserve to beat Boston finally, but we all know it isn’t going to be easy and stress free.

F) Red Sox in 5 because the Angels are better than last year, but apparently only one additional ALDS win better.

SECRET OPTION G) The Angels win the best-of-five series, but Bug Selig once again proves that he is in Boston’s pocket and mandates they keep extending the series until the Red Sox finally come out on top, thus saving MLB’s precious TV ratings.

Let us know what you think the right call is and join in on the discussion by leaving a comment below.  NOTE: Comment moderation is currently turned on so I have to approve your comment if you have never made one at this blog before, but I will try and be fast about it, after that you can comment freely.  I know it is a hassle, but it is outside of my control for now.

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