Game Rewind: It Strands a Village – Twins 4, Angels 2

An Angel loss in which the Halos stranded a village of baserunners on base.

Twins 4, Angels 2

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • OK, so Ervin’s command definitely left a lot to be desired but I was actually encouraged by his outing tonight.  The best thing I saw from him was that he started the game with great velocity (hitting 96 in the first inning) and generally maintaining the velocity throughout the game, hitting 94 on the gun as late as the sixth inning.  That is huge for Santana as a big part of his problem last season was that his velocity had dropped off a full two miles per hour on his fastball.
  • Howie Kendrick certainly isn’t going to be causing anyone to think he is in for another demotion to the minors with the way he has started the season.  He has hits in all three Angel games, including a rocket of a double tonight, and has generally been all over opposing pitchers.  Before long we might be talking about him moving up in the order to where he can do more damage.
  • It is good to have Scot Shields back on the mound.  He looked solid tonight, though in contrast to Santana, his velocity seemed to be down a little bit though I wouldn’t read too much into it sense he likely still has to build a bit of arm strength back after such a long layoff.
  • On a more somber note, kudos to the Angels for honoring Rory Markas before the game tonight.  Though his passing came months ago, it was a very nice gesture for the team to bring his family to the game and have one of his brothers throw out the first pitch.

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • Mike Napoli sure didn’t do me any favors last night after I defended him in a post earlier in the day.  Naps allowed a wild pitch, bounced a throw to second base on a steal attempt, allowed another steal against him and popped up with the bases loaded early in the game (though he did come through with a ninth inning RBI later on).  It looks like we are going to be in for a whole lot more Jeff Mathis.
  • New year, same old Angels as they left the bases loaded early in the game.  I just wish that Fox Sports West could have saved the “Technical Difficulties” screen for that inning so I wasn’t forced to watch them fail.
  • Where was the patience tonight?  Carl Pavano has always thrown a lot of strikes, but the Angel hitters need to look themselves in the mirror after taking just 29 pitches for a ball through seven innings and 102 pitches against Pavano.
  • Now for the bad part with Santana.  I specifically warned against him being victimized by the long ball yet that is exactly what happened tonight.  Worse than that, it was Morneau and Hardy doing the yard work for the second straight game.  Did you learn nothing from watching Tuesday’s game, Ervin?

Angel A-Hole of the Game

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo Day

Nice bat, Brandon.  Trying actually driving a run in with it.

Oh, Brandon Wood, how you disappoint me.  Wood was the opposite of clutch tonight as he fanned with the bases loaded and two out in the second inning and then made the final out of the game with a runner on, snuffing out a potential Angel rally.  I really want to like you, Woody, but you failed me tonight.

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