Halo Headlines – 10/11/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Roenicke to interview with Brewers, Mike Trout could be the next Mickey Mantle, ten reasons the Angels missed the playoffs and much more.

The Story: Ron Roenicke will interview for the managerial opening with the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Monkey Says: That’s two interviews now for Roenicke, and possibly more coming, making it more and more likely that Mike Scioscia will be in the market for a new bench coach in the next few weeks.

The Story: One scout thinks comparing Mike Trout to Mickey Mantle is “actually pretty good.”

The Monkey Says: Whoa.  That is quite the lofty comparison.  The legend of Mike Trout is only going to keep on growing.  Hopefully the lofty expectations don’t become too much for the kid.

The Story: 10 reasons the Angels missed the post-season.

The Monkey Says: The first seven of them are Brandon Wood, right?  What?  He didn’t even make the list?  I declare shenanigans.

Garrett Wilson

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