Halo Headlines – 10/13/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Wood starts strong in the AFL, Reckling the 20th best Texas League prospect, ten things the Angels did right this year and much more.

The Story: Brandon Wood is off to a good start in the Arizona Fall League.

The Monkey Says: Considering that most of the other participants are players who haven’t even played in Triple-A very much, Wood better be hitting well, otherwise he might want to start sending his resume out to teams in the independent minor leagues.  I hear the OC Flyers could use a new third baseman.

The Story: Trevor Reckling is the 20th best prospect in the Texas League.

The Monkey Says: Jordan Walden ranked 12th, but he looks like he is in the majors to stay.  Reckling, however, should be in Triple-A and started last season as arguably the top prospect in the Angel system before he imploded at Salt Lake.  He’s still plenty young, so there is time for him to bounce back, but his star has clearly dimmed.

The Story: Ten things the Angels did right in 2010.

The Monkey Says: When you lead with the Snuggie world record, you know that the season didn’t end well.

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