Halo Headlines – 10/7/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Moreno is mad, another Angel minor leaguer suspended for PEDs, Angels to pick 17th in 2011 draft and much more.

The Story: Arte Moreno is mad and going to do something about it.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, I think we all figured that out thanks to the Stalin-esque purging of the scouting department (but why not the player development department, hmmm?).  Hopefully Arte isn’t getting too emotional and irrational though because the last thing this team needs is for him to spend recklessly and screw over the Halos’ long-term financial solvency.

The Story: Another Angel minor leaguer has been suspended for PED use.

The Monkey Says: The culprit this time is Jordany Gomez, a reliever for the Dominican Summer League team.  Gomez is in his third season in the DSL (which is basically rookie ball), so this isn’t really any great loss.

The Story: The Angels will pick 17th in the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft.

The Monkey Says: Not too shabby for the Halos, but more importantly, they can’t lose that pick via free agent compensation since they finished in the bottom half of the league.

The Story: Wholesale changes to the Angel roster aren’t necessary.

The Monkey Says: I tend to agree, but big changes are required, especially on offense.  However, it is possibly we could see some kind of housecleaning this winter if the front office purge is any indicator of the impatience currently being exhibited by Moreno and Reagins.

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