Halo Headlines – 1/15/10

  • The Story: Erick Aybar was hurt in a recent Dominican Winter League gameThe Monkey Says: No need to worry about the Juan Rivera nightmare recurring here as it appears to just be a muscle strain.
  • The Story: Rory Markas was remembered well at a memorial service in his honor yesterdayThe Monkey Says: It was a private service, so check out the story if you are interested in the details of the memorial.
  • The Story: The Angels have no interest in Ben SheetsThe Monkey Says: Tony Reagins isn’t going to send anyone to Sheets’ workout next week, so go ahead and scratch him from the list of potential final members of their starting rotation.  Somebody queue up Matt Palmer’s music.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia has never liked the DH ruleThe Monkey Says: Sosh is a member of Bud Selig’s special rule change committee and there have been rumblings that ditching the DH could be discussed, but even if it is, there is no way the players’ union will ever let it happen.
  • The Story: The Boston Globe profiles the private side of John LackeyThe Monkey Says: Supposedly Big John isn’t the over-competitive redass off the field that  he is on the field.  He is probably still an disloyal traitor off the field though.  Not that I am bitter or anything.
  • The Story: A profile of Angel prospect Anthony OrtegaThe Monkey Says: The Angels supposedly like Ortega, but he was terrible in his short major league stint last year, though to be fair he was not ready and probably pitching through pain.  He certainly has a lot to prove in Triple-A this season, assuming he doesn’t come through as a dark horse candidate for the fifth starter job.
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