Halo Headlines – 1/19/10

  • The Story: Baseball America unveiled their top 50 prospects in the Angel organizationThe Monkey Says: Hank Conger is the new #1, but more interestingly, Trevor Reckling is their #4 even though he is #1 or #2 on most other lists.  Considering Baseball America’s reputation, that certainly makes one wonder what it is they don’t like about Reckling.
  • The Story: Buster Olney also wonders if the Seattle Mariners’ hype is justifiedThe Monkey Says: Who’s whistling in the dark now, bitches?  Glad to see someone else is on my side, now all the angry Mariner fans that have stormed my site since Friday can go bother Olney now.
  • The Story: Former Angel Jim Edmonds wants to make a comebackThe Monkey Says: He’s talking with the Cardinals about coming out of retirement, but I think it would be interesting to see if he might fit with the Angels as a fourth outfielder (assuming Gary Matthews gets traded/waived).
  • The Story: A profile of Angel prospect Mark TrumboThe Monkey Says: Trumbo has power for miles but may not be able to field well enough in the bigs and the Halos clearly don’t favor putting young sluggers in at DH (see Brandon Wood).  Trumbo will always be an interesting guy to watch, but I don’t see him ever really getting a shot with the Angels, making him prime trade bait if he can pile up massive power numbers in the hitter-friendly PCL this year.
Garrett Wilson

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