Halo Headlines – 12/15/10

Daily Links for the LA Angels Budde designated for assignment, the Halos need Beltre and Damon, and a great deal on Angel tickets.

The Story: The Angels designated Ryan Budde for assignment to clear a 40-man roster spot for Scott Downs.

The Monkey Says: Despite Mike Scioscia’s undying love for catchers, even he couldn’t justify keeping five backstops on the 40-man roster, so Budde got the axe, though he seems like a decent bet to clear waivers and stick with the Angels Triple-A team.

The Story: The Angels need Adrian Beltre… and Johny Damon.

The Monkey Says: I’m with you on Beltre, but Damon?  I just don’t know.  He would be helpful at the top of the order, but I just have to believe there is some kind of younger, more dynamic option out there.  I know the Angels don’t want to block Mike Trout by signing someone to a long deal to play left, but this annual tradition of adding a late-thirties OF/DH type is starting to get a little old (pun intended).

The Story: Get 10 tickets to Angels games for just $50!

The Monkey Says: Not being a corporate shill here, but it is a slow news day and if with Christmas around the corner, getting a sweet deal on some Halo tickets would be pretty nice.

The Story: The Angels signed the other Ryan Braun.

The Monkey Says: What a tease.

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