Halo Headlines – 12/21/10

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Angels showing interest in Podsednik, expectations for Scott Kazmir, Mathis looking to rebound (is that even possible?) and much more…

The Story: The Angels are interested in signing Scott Podsednik.

The Monkey Says: I’m surprised this idea took so long to materialize.  Podsednik is a leadoff type that plays left field, which the Angels clearly need.  That being said, Pods isn’t exactly blowing my skirt up.  His caught stealing rate and his defensive metrics have slipped the last few seasons, suggesting his speed, his only real tool, is starting to wane.  Podsednik still would be a solid short-term fit atop the order as he does make a decent amount of contact and is fairly patient, by the Angels’ standards anyways.  On the other hand, I can’t shake the notion that he may not actually be marginally better than Reggie Willits.  In any event, don’t expect the Halos to make a move on Podsednik until they resolve the Adrian Beltre situation.

The Story: What can the Angels expect from Scott Kazmir in 2011?

The Monkey Says: Wait… I know this one.  Umm… frustration?  Ulcers?  Millions of dollars being flushed down the toilet?  In all seriousness, nobody knows what to expect from Kazmir this season, but I am just not optimistic since he seems to be battling both mental and physical issues at this point.

The Story: A healthy Jeff Mathis is seeking a rebound in 2011.

The Monkey Says: The use of the word rebound is amusing unto itself as it implies that Mathis actually was ever any good.  This is the second time in the last week Lyle Spencer has written a puff piece for Mathis, so I am guessing he has a secret man crush or Mike Scioscia is holding a gun to his head whenever he writes.  Either way, let’s hope all this Mathis propaganda isn’t an early indicator that the Angels once again intend to make him their primary backstop.

The Story: The Royals have no intention of trading Joakim Soria.

The Monkey Says: That is a damn shame because he is an elite closer and a guy I have been secretly hoping the Halos would trade for.  Soria is probably tradeable, but only for a king’s ransom since he is signed to a very club friendly deal in KC.

The Story: Another crazy thought, Mark Cuban should buy the Angels.

The Monkey Says: OK, now this is just getting ridiculous.  Arte Moreno isn’t putting up the Angels for sale, and I get the feeling that he is the type of owner that isn’t going to sell until they pry the keys to to franchise from his cold dead hands.  Besides, if Cuban is going to buy a team right now, it is going to be the Dodgers… not that MLB will let that happen since they don’t want a big spender like him throwing the balance of power in baseball even further out of whack.

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