Halo Headlines – 12/22/10

Daily Links for the LA Angels including the Beltre talks get heated and confusing, the worst off-seasons in Angel history, the Rangers are now chasing Webb and much more…

The Story: The Angels have withdrawn their offer to Adrian Beltre, but remain open to signing him.

The Monkey Says: There have been all kinds of craziness going on with the Beltre dealings in the last 24 hours.  Radio personality Joe McDonnell first reported that the Angels had pulled their offer, and that they had completely dropped out of the running for Beltre.  Of course, Big Joe also said that they were still in on Rafael Soriano, another Boras client, so it didn’t make sense that the Halos were mad at Boras over Beltre but still talking about Soriano.  Later on in the day a second source reported that the Angels are still interested in Beltre, so the tie goes to the door still being open… for now.  This is obviously a situation to keep a very close eye on because it isn’t anywhere close to being settled.

The Story: Announcer Victor Rojas says the hold up on the Beltre deal is the insistence on a guaranteed sixth year.

The Monkey Says: So, whatever the status of the negotiations are, at least we know what the sticking point is.  Six years for Beltre seems like a bad idea, but Boras usually gets what he wants.  That being said, I suspect that whoever gets Beltre isn’t going to guarantee a sixth year, but will include a vesting option for that year instead.

The Story: The Angels won’t bid against themselves for Beltre… or will they?

The Monkey Says: That is clearly what Boras wants them to do.  People keep trying to come up with potential mystery teams for the Halos to fear, but nobody has stepped up yet and there is little reason to believe that anyone will.

The Story: The worst off-seasons in Angel history.

The Monkey Says: As of right now, I’m sure people would like to add this off-season to the list, but I continue to hold out hope that Tony Reagins will be able to salvage the winter yet.

The Story: The Rangers a nearing a deal with Brandon Webb.

The Monkey Says: The reporter has since backed off that assertion, but it really looks like Texas is starting to get desperate.  They’ve lost out on their top targets and now have turned to a former Cy Young winner in Webb, but he has been decimated by injuries and isn’t even a sure bet to be a middle-of-the-rotation starter.  Basically, I just wanted to remind you all that Texas is having a horrible off-season as well.

The Story: Are there any good free agents left?

The Monkey Says: I’ll save you the read, the answer is no, except for Beltre.  Rafael Soriano is available too, but I don’t think the Angels are interested in him anymore.

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