Halo Headlines – 12/23/10

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Adenhart’s killer gets 51 years in prison, more Beltre rumors and speculation, Aybar looking to return to form and much more…

The Story: Andrew Gallo, the drunk driver that killed Nick Adenhart and two others, has been sentenced to 51 years to life in prison.

The Monkey Says: I guess his plea for leniency didn’t go so well.  Not to sound too harsh, especially at this time of year, but this douche got everything he deserved.

The Story: Assessing the possible suitors for Adrian Beltre.

The Monkey Says: I went through a similar exercise earlier this week, and came to similar conclusions, though I really don’t see Oakland ever upping their offer.  Nor do I think that the Cards have that kind of money available right now.  So, it looks like to me like it is just the Angels and the Rangers, if they ever get interested again.

The Story: Oakland would still talk to Adrian Beltre.

The Monkey Says: I still don’t see how Oakland possibly has any money left, much less enough to up their previous offer.  It is possible that the A’s could re-enter talks if all of their arbitration cases come down in their favor, so if that is what Boras is waiting on, this Beltre thing could take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

The Story: The Angels and Beltre are still made for each other.

The Monkey Says: Well, it sounds like things are still amicable(ish) between the two sides.  I like the Boras quote about offers being like curtains too.  He’s still an demon of greed, but I like the quote.

The Story: The Halos are counting on a return to form from Erick Aybar.

The Monkey Says: I am hoping Aybar can get on the exempt list for players who are allowed to take ADD medication, because I am convinced that is why he has so many mental problems in the field and at the plate.  Aybar hasn’t been getting a lot of press this off-season, but he is really heading into a make-or-break season both offensively and defensively.

The Story: The Mariners are asking for an “impact bat” for David Aardsma.

The Monkey Says: I’m not so sure that Aardsma isn’t just Fernando Rodney 2.0, but I bring this up because I think the Angels could be a match as a trade partner.  Juan Rivera, Alberto Callaspo and Mike Napoli are all players that could help the Mariners out, though I have never been a big fan if intradivision trading.

The Story: Buster Olney ranks the top 10 rotations in baseball.

The Monkey Says: Actually, Olney cops out and names 11, but he still manages to completely leave out the Angels, which is surprising to me (though I am admittedly biased).  I realize that Scott Kazmir really drags down the curve, but the Halo rotation is far from a middle of the pack rotation.







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