Halo Headlines – 12/29/10

Daily Links for the LA Angels including Rangers confirm their interest in Beltre, Callaspo might be a viable option at third base (or not), unfinished off-season business in the AL West and much more…

The Story: Nolan Ryan suggested his Texas Rangers have some interest in signing Adrian Beltre.

The Monkey Says: I had formerly believed that the Rangers’ interest in Beltre was fabricated by Scott Boras, but now either Texas is playing along to jack up the price on the Angels or they are now formally throwing their hat into the ring for Beltre.  I still believe the former is the most likely case, but the latter is at least in play now.

The Story: Why isn’t Callaspo a viable option at third base?

The Monkey Says: That is actually a great question, because Callaspo seemed like a solid pick up at first last season before he pretty much tanked in Anaheim.  However, even at his best, Callaspo is nothing close to an All-Star or a vital part of the lineup.  He should still fit well in Scioscia’ style of play, but he might be best suited as a superutility player.  One option that could also come to pass is the Angels installing Callaspo at second base with Howie Kendrick being traded as part of a package to land an impact bat.

The Story: Checking in on the unfinished business of the Angels and the rest of the AL West.

The Monkey Says: Thanks, I hadn’t been beaten over the head with that enough.  At least the Mariners still have a lot of holes left to fill.  I guess that should make me feel better… but it doesn’t.

The Story: Could the Angels and Anaheim play host to a future NHL Winter Classic?

The Monkey Says: Ummm, isn’t the appeal of the Winter Classic seeing the guys play outside in the, you know, cold?  I know 52 degrees is cold by SoCal standards, but that really isn’t what the NHL has in mind.

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