Halo Headlines – 1/27/10

  • The Story: The AL West figures to be an arms raceThe Monkey Says: With the Mariners adding Cliff Lee, the Rangers adding Rich Harden, the Angels adding Joel Pineiro and now the Athletics adding Ben Sheets, that is a wild understatement.  Of course it might also be a race decided by the effectiveness of each team’s training staff since Pineiro, Harden and Lee all have poor lengthy injury records.
  • The Story: ESPN’s preliminary Sunday Night Baseball schedule includes few Angel gamesThe Monkey Says: Looks like the evil empire doesn’t think too highly of the Halos as a TV draw this year.  Losing the big name of Vladimir Guerrero certainly doesn’t help.  I guess they’ll just have to win a whole bunch of games and force ESPN to televise more of their games.
  • The Story: Someone expects big things from Scott Kazmir this yearThe Monkey Says: Let’s hope he is right.  A lot of people are hanging their hopes on Kaz’s ability to bounce back after an up and down 2009 campaign.  Personally, Kazmir probably wastes too many pitches and thus can’t go into games
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Jon BachanovThe Monkey Says: I have to plead ignorance here, I just don’t know that much about Bachanov, but any guy who can be compared to Jason Bulger, Aaron Harang and Jake Peavy in the course of one sentence if probably worth monitoring.
Garrett Wilson

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